As an artist in the 21st century there is an endless amount of influences coming in and out of our lives every day. This leads to absorbing ideas, taking influences and pushing my work to be something different.  Within my pottery I pull influence from Greek pottery forms, surface decoration, and the layout.  I use individual parts of all these influences to create a simplified pattern with an elegant appearance.  The surface reminds me of modern architecture with sharp edges, defined simplicity and an emphasis on the importance of lines.  With carving and stamping, I am able to create depth while showing the softness of clay.  When I am stamping I’m using repetition to create a machine-like pattern.   This inspiration is only a starting point as I want the viewer to produce their own thoughts and feelings about each piece of functional artwork. As a potter I work hard to develop pottery that is unique, yet functional, as I want my pieces to be as beautiful as they are useful.